Your Options:

Sometimes pet owners find themselves in situations out of their control. Whether that be the living situation, financial situation, school, work or something else, they are suddenly unable to keep their pet. That's where we come into play. We can help! Give us a call regarding your situation, and we can talk about options. 

If your issue is not having the proper resources or knowledge to care for the pet, we can help you find the supplies you need, or can teach you about the animal. Sometimes it seems very overwhelming to be caring for an animal you don't understand. That's why we also have a tab on our website for care guides. Please feel free to refer to these whenever you need to!

If you're out of time and don't have any options, we can take in your pet for you. We will take them in and provide the best possible care for them. Our team is very well trained in exotics of all kinds, and the unique needs each animal has. They will go through a 2 week quarantine process to make sure they are healthy. We will provide any medical care, or socialization they may need during this time. When they are deemed happy and healthy, they will be placed up for adoption to an educated forever home. Please take a look at our adoption process. We take our animals care and future very seriously, and our process ensures that each animal will be going to a home that is a good fit for them. 

How to Surrender An Animal:

Fill out our surrender waitlist form, or give us a call regarding the animal you wish to surrender. 

You can find our wait list and surrender form under the tab 'Surrender Forms'

Once you've contacted us, we can make an appointment to meet with you and take the animal in (space depending). 

We are not currently open to the public, so we operate by appointment only. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

If your pet comes with all the required supplies, there is no surrender fee. If your animal does not come with all the required items, we may charge a small fee of $40.00 to help cover costs of any missing supplies. Please contact us with any questions regarding your situation or our process.  

Required supplies:

Reptiles- Tank, working heat/UVB bulbs, hide(s), water dish.

Small Animals- Cage, current food, dishes/bottles, hide, bedding, any hammocks or other accessories. 


Birds- Cage, toys, dishes, current food