About GSCE

Our Mission And Values

Our mission is to provide temporary shelter and care to sick, injured, abandoned or surrendered pets not classified as a cat or dog for the purpose of finding them a suitable permanent home, and preventing animal cruelty.

Our core values are quite simple. Most importantly we care for the safety and well being of our animals, volunteers and the public. We also take great pride in educating the public and youth about proper care for these unique pets.

How We Started

Greenville SC Exotic Animal Rescue (GSCE) was started in 2014 by an individual who cares deeply for pets and wants to prevent the suffering of abandoned animals by taking them in and finding them new homes. She soon realized the high demand for a shelter that would take in reptiles, birds and small animals. In 2018 Trevor and Katie had the unique opportunity to manage and run the operations of this rescue. Since then we have become incorporated and licensed under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) as a tax exempt non-profit for the purpose of preventing animal cruelty.

What People Are Saying About Us

Bill G.

"Unfortunately my job began to prevent me from owning my Ball Python. I surrendered it to them and the process was seamless. At no time did I feel judged for having to give up a pet.

I’m glad I went this route rather than “re-homing” on Craigslist. I’m certain it will be well cared for, and placed in a good home."

Lucy L.

"A HUGE thank you to Greenville SC Exotic Animal Rescue for going above and beyond to helping me find a companion for Attila. They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the animals they rescue!"

Ed D.

"I donated two of my boa constrictors a couple of years back and felt very comfortable letting them go to such caring people."

Jennifer P.

"Wonderful communication. Adopted a sweet hedgehog from them"